AS Aerospace has full EASA Part 145 maintenance approval on all variants of: any single turbine helicopters not exceeding 3175kg, A109 series, AB139/AW139, BELL 429, AS355 series, AS365N Series, EC135 series, EC155 series, S76 series.

We offer a modern and professional approach to maintenance. We are leaders in providing excellent quality, competitive prices and short lead times. Our efficiently and success is a result of using our resources, technologies, people and information systems effectively.


With a highly experienced and respected team of OEM trained engineers, providing global support, we have an enviable reputation in the industry for quality of service, so you can be assured that your aircraft will be in safe hands at AS Aerospace. We are not limited to only maintain aircraft that have been through the design and installation process at Aerospace Design. We are fully approved for all maintenance tasks. Our hangar facility and location make us the ideal choice.


Not only can we provide you with all maintenance support, but can we can also house your aircraft in a safe and secure location.

We have a talented, accredited, trustworthy team who treat our client aircraft as if they were their own.


Discuss your maintenance, hangarage or continuing airworthiness requirements with our team: