Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation


The primary function of the AS Aerospace Airworthiness Department is to provide Continuing Airworthiness Management services to Owners and Operators compliant with Part-M under provisions of associated Contracts or Sub-Contracts, as applicable to operations related to individual aircraft.

AS Aerospace has been granted approvals (UK. CAMO.0672, ) by the regulatory authority, the CAA, in relation to the Continuing Airworthiness Management of aircraft under our control. The approval granted covers Section A Subpart G of Annex I (Part M) of Regulation (EC) No 1321/2014 Approval to manage the continuing airworthiness of the aircraft listed in AS Aerospace’s Continuing Airworthiness Management Exposition. The approval also covers Subpart I of Annex I (Part M) which authorises AS Aerospace to issue Airworthiness Review Certificates after an Airworthiness Review has been carried out.


Aircraft Approval Schedule:

  • Single Turbine Engine Helicopters not exceeding 3175 KG
  • Leonardo S.p.A. A109 Series
  • Leonardo S.p.A. AB139/AW139
  • Bell Helicopter Textron Canada Limited 429
  • Airbus Helicopters AS 332
  • Airbus Helicopters AS 332 L2
  • Airbus Helicopters AS 355
  • Airbus Helicopters EC 135
  • Airbus Helicopters EC 155
  • Airbus Helicopters EC 225
  • Airbus Helicopters SA 365 N
  • Airbus Helicopters SA 365 N1 & AS 365 N2, AS 365 N3
  • Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation S76 A & C 

The Part M CAMO will ensure that all maintenance is carried out by suitably approved maintenance organisations in accordance with the relevant approved maintenance programme, on time and to an approved standard.

Our hangar facility and location make us the ideal choice for all maintenance tasks required for air-worthy vehicles.

We have a talented, accredited, trustworthy team who treat our client aircraft as if they were their own.

Discuss your continuing airworthiness requirements with our team: